Here's what some of our clients had to say about Kim Scott and Bumpy Design. Visit the About page to learn more about who's behind Bumpy Design.

"Kim is one of the first people I think of when I have a complex book design job that needs a lot of care and attention. She has that Ace quality that spans great design skills, good solid typography, and excellent layout skills in regards to appropriateness of content. She's extremely reliable and a great colleague. I'm especially impressed with her crystal ball that enables her to intuit exactly what I'm looking for. I'm always pleased to work with Kim, and see her fabulous work come to fruition in our printed books."
    —Charlene Charles-Will, Design Manager, Peachpit Press

"I hired Kim to lay out several books on a very rushed timetable. Not only did she put in the extra hours during nights and weekends to complete them, the quality of her work was excellent as well. Kim can work with all types of software packages and knows how to produce an attractive layout. I will continue to hire Kim for all of my page layout and design projects."
    —Laura Williams-Town, President, WilliamsTown Communications

"Thanks to Kim Scott (layout production) for your amazing speed and attention to detail."
    —Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler, authors' acknowledgments, Web ReDesign: Workflow that Works

"I always appreciate an opportunity to tell people about Kim's outstanding work ethic, professionalism, and enthusiasm. She goes above and beyond with every project, and doesn't hesitate to make suggestions when she feels a book could be made more marketable. Kim is a true asset, thoroughly enjoyable to work with and an outstanding graphic designer. Her interior and cover designs make us shine!"
    —Linda Radke, President, Five Star Publications, Inc.

"I've worked with Kim for many years now and I can't imagine life without her. She's one of the most detailed and creative people I've run across during my years in publishing, and she's my number one choice when I need help. Whether it's design or production work, or pitching in when I'm about to miss a deadline, I'm never disappointed!"
    —Jennifer Eberhardt Lynn, Page One Editing, Inc.

"Kudos to Kim Scott for an extraordinary job of turning the vision of a well-designed book into a reality."
—Publisher's acknowledgments, Designing Web Usability, by Jakob Nielsen

"John Lund and Pamela Pfiffner thank... Kim Scott for her visual acumen and wonderful design."
    —Authors' acknowledgments, Photoshop Compositing with John Lund

"This volume looks so good because of Kim Scott's attentive layout and design work on the interior."
    —Charles Koppelman, author's acknowledgments, Behind the Seen: How Walter Murch Edited Cold Mountain...

"[Thank you to] Kim Scott for pulling together an extraordinary design."
    —Daniel O. Sorenson, author's acknowledgments, Photoshop CS2 for Advertising and Marketing

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