Bumpy and KimWho's Behind Bumpy Design?

Bumpy Design is owned and operated by Kim Scott, a graphic designer who's been designing and compositing books for more than 20 years. Kim holds a BFA in Visual Communication from Indiana University, and in 1993 she began her career in publishing as a page layout tech for Prentice Hall Computer Publishing (now Pearson Education). In 1999, Kim became a full-time freelance designer/compositor, working for clients such as New Riders, Peachpit Press, Adobe Press, and Elsevier. Bumpy Design was incorporated in 2005, and named after one of Kim's pet iguanas, Bumpy. Little Bumpy has since passed away, but his memory lives on!

Bumpy Design is currently based in Central Texas, but we routinely and seamlessly work with clients in other geographic locations. We keep in touch with our clients through phone and e-mail and transfer files via Internet. Kim currently handles most of the design and composition tasks, but she may also work with other talented and qualified individuals when the need arises.

Why Choose Bumpy Design?

Experience: Bumpy Design can expertly handle a range of print book design and composition projects, from basic one-color layout to complex, full-color custom page design and composition. We can also typeset math and chemistry equations and write design specs. Kim's formal design background allows her to bring a designer's eye to page layout jobs, while her extensive composition experience ensures that her designs are functional and practical. That means your book will not only look good, but it won't cause headaches during layout or problems on press!

Timeliness, Flexibility, and Communication: We know that getting a book to the printer on schedule is crucial, especially for computer titles, which are often tied to software release dates. At Bumpy Design, we take great care to deliver work on time and with a high degree of accuracy and quality. At the same time, we know that publishing schedules frequently change. So we are accustomed to juggling multiple projects at once, and have the flexibility to accommodate changing pub dates. We also know that communication with our clients is crucial for keeping projects on track. Our policy is to frequently touch base with clients to inform them of a book's status, and to immediately flag any potential problems.

Positive Attitude: Our clients rely on us not only for industry experience and top-notch quality, but also for a positive, friendly attitude. We truly love book publishing and it shows! We take pride in what we do, and our goal is to help make your book the best product possible. See the Testimonials page to find out what some clients have said about working with Kim.

Technical Know-How: Kim has been using Macintosh graphics software since 1989, and has a thorough understanding of the use of specs, style sheets, templates, and master pages. We use Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Our office has a broadband Internet connection for speedy file transfers.


Bumpy Design specializes in photography and filmmaking books; nursing, dental, and veterinary reference books; computer books; web design and development books; math and science textbooks and workbooks; cookbooks and healthy living books; instructional and adult learning books; and business, self-help, and other nonfiction books. Current and past clients include:

  • Addison-Wesley Professional
  • Adobe Press
  • Callisto Media (Althea Press, Rockridge Press, Sonoma Press, etc.)
  • Cisco Press
  • Cognella Academic Publishing
  • Elsevier
  • F.A. Davis
  • FT Press
  • Greenleaf Book Group
  • Microsoft Press
  • New Riders
  • No Starch Press
  • Peachpit Press
  • Que
  • Rocky Nook
  • Sigma Nursing
  • VMware Press

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